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Welcome to Foodiebell

At Foodiebell, we believe that every dining experience should be enjoyable and hassle-free. That’s why we’ve created an innovative way for customers to interact with restaurants, putting the power to call for service right at their fingertips. Say goodbye to waving your hand to grab the attention of waitstaff—Foodiebell is here to elevate your dining experience!

How Does Foodiebell Work?

  • Easy Registration for Restaurants :
    We've made it effortless for restaurant owners to join the Foodiebell community. Simply register for free on our website and gain access to your personalized dashboard.
  • Download Your Unique QR Code :
    Once registered, you can download a unique QR code for each table in your restaurant. These codes are designed to be placed visibly on the table, ensuring that customers can easily spot and scan them.
  • Quick and Convenient Customer Interaction :
    As a customer, all you need to do is scan the QR code on your table and ring a digital bell or write a custom note to request assistance whenever you need it - This action instantly sends a notification to the restaurant staff, alerting them of your request for service.
  • Seamless Communication :
    Once you've sent a service request, the restaurant staff will promptly receive it on their devices. They can then attend to your needs, whether it's taking your order, bringing the bill, or any other assistance you require.

Excuse me, could we get some assistance, please?

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May I get some more water, please?

Could you please bring us the dessert menu?

Could you please bring some extra condiments/sauces?

Hey, forgot to mention that I am allergic to nuts, please inform the Chef

I'm sorry, but our food hasn't arrived yet. Could you check on it, please?

The Benefits of Foodiebell

Enhanced Dining Experience

Foodiebell eliminates the frustration of waiting for waitstaff to notice your need for assistance. With just three clicks on your smartphone, you can conveniently call for service whenever you need it in an elegant way.

Customizable Branding

Foodiebell allows restaurants to customize the app to reflect their unique branding elements.

Effortless Customer Communication

Foodiebell enables easy and seamless communication between customers and restaurants.

Instant Notifications

Foodiebell delivers instant notifications to restaurant staff when a customer makes a service request.

Streamlined Operations

Foodiebell streamlines restaurant operations by optimizing communication flow and improving workflow efficiency.

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Frequently Asked


What is Foodiebell?

Foodiebell is an innovative web app designed to enhance the dining experience by providing a seamless and efficient way for customers to request service at restaurants. Customers can simply scan a QR code placed on their table to access the digital bell and messaging system which notifies the staff. So no more waving your hand to grab attention of waitstaff.

How does Foodiebell work?

Foodiebell works via unique QR codes placed on restaurant tables. Customers can scan the QR code to access the digital bell and messaging system without downloading any app. The staff is promptly notified  to attend to the customer's needs, such as taking orders, delivering food, or providing any other required assistance.

How to get started with Foodiebell?

Restaurant owners or managers can register for free on the Foodiebell website, generate unique QR codes for their tables, and manage service requests through their personalized dashboard

Are there any costs associated with using Foodiebell?

No, registering your restaurant on Foodiebell is completely free of charge. There are no upfront costs or subscription fees. Foodiebell is first on the many solutions we are working on to enhance dining experience through digital innovation – we would love to get your feedback. 

Can I customize restaurant profile on Foodiebell?

Yes, Foodiebell allows you to customize number of tables and logo for the restaurant

Is Foodiebell compatible with different devices and operating systems?

Yes, Foodiebell is a web-app that means it can be accessed with any browser on any device without downloading any app, ensuring that customers and restaurants can use it with their smartphones or tablets

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